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Finance in one

The challenge

Working on the new Zelt website has been a pleasure. Our team provided a full rebranding with the development of a multi-page site from scratch for the Zelt HR platform.

The project was complex in several aspects, we were tasked to develop a unique style that distinguishes Zelt from competitors and take into account the fact that the site is essentially one of the main tools for attracting users to the client's product.

That is, in other words, the site must be unique, fast, flexible in use, fully adapted and suitable for SEO optimisation. Full set of requirements, just as we love.

Product Overview

Product Overview

Zelt is an employee platform for startups which unifies employee data and operations to make employee management more efficient and create a better employee experience.

Zelt's HR, IT, and payroll software is an outstanding solution for SMEs and startups seeking an efficient way to manage these crucial functions. But what truly sets Zelt apart is their exceptional customer support and seamless onboarding process. With their expert guidance, businesses can quickly and effortlessly integrate Zelt's software into their operations, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption.

Our team developed a new corporate identity based on strategy, target audience and marketing needs
A set of 3D illustrations was developed for the site, supporting the overall style of the brand
The logo has clear outlines and shapes, which makes it very easy to read on any resolution

All-in-one people
platform in the UK

Great all-in-one people
platform for startups
in the UK

Zelt is a great all-in-one platform. It makes onboarding employees such an easy process: setup, device management, employee leave, payroll management etc. It's a valuable tool for any fast growing startup!

Creative concept & motion design

Among the assets we delivered was a set of illustrations about the product, made with lottie animation
The site is fully interactive, which greatly improves the user experience
The creative concept was based on a 3D animation of a sphere that shatters into pieces with its core remaining as a symbol of steadfastness

Responsive web

We pay special attention to the mobile version and check the site on various devices
On mobile resolution, animations and interactions were kept intact where possible, without compromising site performance

from client

Polina Vorms, Head of Product

“We have worked with Cuberto on our new image website. The team performed great in terms of creating a unique design style and developing complex 3D animations.”